Friday, June 29, 2012


I decided today on my break that I'm not good at corporate America. I don't know if I'll be able to handle a full-time office job for a very long time (5+ years). For which, I commend greatly you who are able to hold out in this system.
This is why the realization came to me: I went for a quick walk on the bike trail outside of the bank where I work, and I saw two vagabonds sitting with their bikes looking sweaty and hungry. They seemed to be thinking, "What could I do today to get enough money to buy a cheap sandwich from Mac-Do's?"
No, they didn't have food, or probably a place to keep their stuff, and they didn't have a fifteen minute break to spend outside. They were not wearing button-down shirts or stiff shoes. They were making plans to watch the river run by for the rest of the afternoon. I was planning on running around the office for the rest of the afternoon.
Their freedom slapped me in the face as my phone vibrated with a new text. The buzzing of the ball-and-chain wrenched me back to reality with the reminder that I could not live the life of a nomad because I like sleeping in a bed too much. I like being fed the cuisine I want, when I want it. It reminded me that if I am going to continue to have the convenience of a device ringing in my pocket anytime a friend wants to send a greeting my way, I had better jet back to my cube, sit in my air conditioned office and wait patiently for someone to have problems with his or her online account. And here I am. Waiting for such a call.

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