Sunday, December 2, 2012

Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging will Resume Shortly

Friends, family and valued readers,

I must apologize for my sudden disappearance from the blog. I abruptly stopped writing so I could continue my education with the hopes of graduating within the school year.

I am on schedule to receive my bachelor's degree in Communication Studies this coming May. I plan to resume my writing after this semester is over, and more regularly through the coming semester.

Until then, I simply ask for continued patience. I will be scripting more stories in the near future.

I would like to share a brief story with you, though, while I have a moments peace from homework:

Several years ago I was working overnight shifts at a nursing home. My direct supervisor was a charming old lady whose smile was nothing more than less of a frown. She was stingy on generosity and had a lightning fast response to goofing off. Her number one rule was no phones while working the floor.

It was midnight and I was writing up the menu for the next day's meals. Right next to me, Nurse Ratched was setting up the medication for her next rounds. Wouldn't you know it, but my cutesy chime sounded a new text message.

I held my breath as I glanced over at her. Her furrowed brow indicated that the chime did not go unnoticed.

"Was that you?" she scowled.

"Um, yeah." I said, without really thinking, "I farted."

For the first time, I saw a genuine smile grace the face of the nurse. She walked away without another word. She eventually became my favorite nurse to work with.